About us

Our services

Whitebridge Advocatuur BV was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing a more accessible and dedicated hands on service offering to clients. Our firm is focused on delivering high-end solutions to the challenges that both customers and IT companies are presented with when dealing with cutting edge technology. We advise. We negotiate. When needed we also litigate, although we take particular pride in finding non-contentious solutions. Our clients appreciate the frank manner in which we deliver thorough advice turning detailed legal complexities into actionable knowledge.  

Areas of expertise

Whitebridge Advocatuur BV focuses on resolving the legal challenges of implementing and using technology in modern business. Consequently, our main areas of expertise revolve around IT Law, Sourcing, Data Protection and Security, (Big) Data and Cloud.

Our strength

As a team, we are happy to see that our approach works. Ever since Whitebridge Advocatuur BV was founded our efforts have been rewarded by the leading rankings but more importantly in the ongoing stream of challenging work. We have had the pleasure of serving not only leading corporate clients, but also national and international governmental and non-governmental bodies. 

Clients continue to recognize our capacity in dealing with all the niceties and complexities of international assignments, valuing not just the language skills present in our team. Our clients trust us to help them understand and navigate all the cultural challenges of international deal making. 

No group practice under Legal Profession Bye-law (Voda)

Whitebridge Advocatuur BV from time to time independently works on same or similar projects as Whitebridge Consulting BV and Whitebridge Consulting Ltd. Whitebridge Consulting BV and Whitebridge Consulting Ltd have no say or control over or stake in Whitebridge Advocatuur BV, and they have no insight in the engagement letters between Whitebridge Advocatuur BV and its clients. Whitebridge Advocatuur BV does not practice at joint risk and expense with Whitebridge Consulting BV and/or Whitebridge Consulting Ltd. Whitebridge Advocatuur BV does not share the authority or ultimate responsibility over the practice with Whitebridge Consulting BV and/or Whitebridge Consulting Ltd. 

Registratie behorend bij artikel 35b, eerste lid, van de Regeling op de advocatuur

Mr drs A.E. Dekhuijzen MCJ heeft in het rechtsgebiedenregister van de Nederlandse orde van advocaten de volgende rechtsgebieden geregistreerd:

– Informaticarecht/ICT Recht

          – Privacyrecht

Deze registratie verplicht mij elk kalenderjaar volgens de normen van de Nederlandse orde van advocaten tien opleidingspunten te behalen op ieder geregistreerd rechtsgebied.


Disclosure of Unusual Transactions

Whitebridge Advocatuur BV is obliged to respect the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act (Wet ter voorkoming van witwassen en financieren van terrorisme – hereinafter “Wwft”). The Wwft, aimed at the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing, places advocaten under an obligation to report “unusual transactions” to the FIU-Nederland. Whitebridge Advocatuur BV is not allowed to inform clients of such a report.


Pursuant to the Wwft, Whitebridge Advocatuur BV may be under an obligation to identify clients. This identification is carried out by requesting a (underlying) client for proof of identity. Advocaten are amongst others under an obligation to identify the (underlying) client in cases where Whitebridge Advocatuur BV participates, whether by acting on behalf of and for a client in any financial or real estate transaction, or by assisting in the planning or carrying out of transactions for a client concerning the:

We may not advise or assist a client in such a case as long as the client has not (sufficiently) identified itself. You can contact Anja Dekhuijzen if you have a question regarding the Wwft. More information about the Wwft can be found at https://www.advocatenorde.nl/. See also the website of Bureau Financieel Toezicht.